Home Owners

Your Home Will Be:

  • bacteria free
  • virus free
  • odor free
  • allergen free
Your home will be more inviting for family and guests during special occasions or holidays. You will be no longer ashamed or afraid to have guests in your home and your visitors will no longer discuss offending odors in your home after they leave.

Selling Your Home?

An Ozone Shock Treatment for your home prior to listing it for sell it will have your home appealing to more potential buyers as your home and AC HVAC Ducts will be sanitized. Your home will be odor free of cooking odors, pet odors, smoke, mildew (in AC System and duct’s), Dander (which is dust, ie. dead skin cells from people and pets).

There are many potential buyer’s that have allergens to many different contaminants; an Ozone Shock Treatment by No More Odor will have your home potentially selling for a higher price and faster then other homes in your neighborhood and can even receive multiple offers.


Have You:

  • smoked
  • used tobacco
  • have pets
  • burned food
  • cooked with curry
  • over flowed bath tub, sink, etc...

And you want to receive your deposit back? Do you know what happened in your new apartment before you moved in? An Ozone Shock Treatment for your new apartment prior to moving in will insure that it will be bacteria, virus, allergen and odor free. Call No More Odor (321) 895-4647 today

Purchasing a Home?

For the safety of you and your family request the home receive an Ozone Shock Treatment after it is vacated and just prior to you taking possession of your new home so your new home will be:

  • bacteria free
  • virus free
  • odor free
  • allergen free

Our service areas includes:

Orlando, Kissimmee, Saint Cloud, Melbourne, Cocoa and All of Central Florida
Orange, Osceola, Seminole, Brevard County's and More.